What are hemorrhoids and how to treat them

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Hemorrhoids are veins that have been swollen. These swollen veins will be found near the lower rectum or the anus areas of the body. It has been reported that many people will experience this condition, or at least the symptoms of this condition, before they turn fifty years old. There are two forms of hemorrhoids. They can occur either externally or internally. The external hemorrhoids can be seen on the outside area of the body near the anus. The internal hemorrhoids will not be seen and will occur inside of the rectum or anus areas of the body. External hemorrhoids are the type that most people will experience. They are also the most problematic.

The Symptoms of Hemorrhoids. 
There are a wide range different symptoms that come with this condition. None of them threaten a person's life. They can also be treated very easily. Symptoms of such a condition are as follows: 
If bowel movement occurs, a person will likely have blood on their tissue. The movement of the bowel will often be painful. Fecal leakage will likely occur. Swelling or a lump will probably appear near the anus. This will probably be painful and itchy. The anus area will be painful and irritable. There will also be a lot of itchiness near the anus. 

If a person experiences such symptoms regularly, they may also get pale skin and experience some sort of weakness. These symptoms are caused by loss of blood. However, these particular symptoms do not occur very often. 

How To Remove Hemorrhoids. 
There are many different ways of how a person can remove hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be easily treated at home. They can also be removed naturally and quite quickly. Some of these ways include the following: 
Soak The Affected Area. 

Have a warm bath and get the affected area soaked with warm water. This is a great way to help pain and itchiness. The warm water will also help the area to relax and get comfortable. Once done, be sure to dry the area as thoroughly as possible. Do it gently. If not done gently, the area will become painful and itchy again. 
Use Apple Cider Vinegar. 

Apple Cider Vinegar is a fantastic home remedy. Use a vinegar that is as natural as it can be. The naturalness of the vinegar will give better outcomes. Simply place some vinegar on a clean cotton ball and gently rub in on the affected area. This can also prevent bleeding from occurring. 
Consume Prescribed Medication. 

Medications may not get rid of the condition itself, but they will certainly relieve the pain and itchiness that occurs. Ask your doctor for medication recommendations. 

If the condition is extreme, surgery may be the only option there is to remove it. Your doctor will provide you with all of the information you need to know about this. 

As we have seen, hemorrhoids is a condition where the veins have been swollen. It can occur externally or internally. There are many different symptoms to look out for if an individual has the condition. Such symptoms may include itchiness and pain around the affected area. There are many different ways in which hemorrhoids can be removed. These include surgery, apple cider vinegar, or soaking the affected area plus much more. Consult your doctor if you are unsure what the best approach to this will be for you.